WIRELESS Broadband Network Technology


It is a telecommunications technology that provides high-speed wireless Internet access or computer networking access over a wide area. The term comprises both fixed and mobile broadband.

A wireless broadband network is an outdoor fixed and/or mobile wireless network providing point-to-multipoint or point-to-point terrestrial wireless links for broadband services.

Wireless networks can feature data rates exceeding 1 Gbit/s.


Providers of fixed wireless broadband services typically provide equipment to customers and install a small antenna or dish somewhere on the roof. This equipment is usually deployed as a service and maintained by the company providing that service. Fixed wireless services have become particularly popular in many rural areas where cable, DSL or other typical home internet services are not available.


Many companies in the SA and worldwide have started using wireless alternatives to incumbent and local providers for internet and voice service. These providers tend to offer competitive services and options in areas where there is difficulty getting affordable Ethernet connections from terrestrial providers such as DFA, MetroFibre, OpenServe, Vuma and others. Also, companies looking for full diversity between carriers for critical uptime requirements may seek wireless alternatives to local options.

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