Christo Kriegler founded Advertron in 2003.

Christo designed this opportunity after conducting extensive research on several market segments. His goal was to provide individuals and businesses with the opportunity to become financially free by using everyday products and services. It is a known fact that many people use hosting, email and internet services every day, pay their accounts every month and get no rewards.

More research was done, after obtaining three partners, in both design and programming. The concept implemented here for individuals and businesses is allowed to become affiliated with Advertron. A multi-level organisation is created for this purpose, to give them the ability as affiliates to build networks of individuals and businesses helping each other by becoming wealthy through the internet and advertising.

The market with several ISP resellers and larger corporate orientated ISP's charging ridiculous prices for hosting, resellers and Internet connectivity solutions. Advertron decided to start this ISP, offering competitive hosting, connectivity solutions, and services catering for the medium and small SMME operating their internet businesses. Advertron with Advertron ISP has become a household name in the affiliate market. We strive to supply our affiliates with the best possible products and services at market-related prices, thus empowering them for maximum profit.