Router Delivery and Billing Conditions

  1. The fee for the LTE Router; will be charged to the SUBSCRIBER as a once-off fee;
  2. The LTE Router: Requirements are specific by MTN. Only MTN approved routers; are permitted for use. Non approved routers will not grant access to the MTN LTE network; ADVERTRON ISP will not be held responsible for any SUBSCRIBER Fixed LTE Services with non-approved routers;
  3. The ROUTER is subject to change in both models and pricing. ADVERTRON ISP will notify the SUBSCRIBER in writing in advance of any such changes;
  4. Device Swap for Faulty LTE Routers Delivery Fees:
    1. The LTE Routers carry a warranty period of 12 (twelve) months. The collection and replacement of the LTE Router shall be free if the following conditions have been met;
    2. Upon collection: The Fulfillment Partner will verify that all of the contents in the box are enclosed with the original packaging and must be in a reasonable condition.
    3. The IMEI number: of the LTE Router must correspond to the original package number.
    4. At the time of collection, should these requirements not be correct, the collection will not take place, and the SUBSCRIBER will be billed R327.75 for the failed collection;
    5. If the LTE Router was not an out of box failure, ADVERTRON ISP will charge the SUBSCRIBER for the price of the additional LTE Router as well as a delivery fee of R414.00.

Fixed LTE Package Billing and Conditions

  1. The Fixed LTE Service will not permit roaming of any nature. Once registered on the initial base station, the Fixed LTE Service will be locked to that base station.
  2. Should the SIM card attempt to be used as a roaming service, the SIM card will be blocked and no longer be able to log in. The SIM card will be required to be replaced should the service still be required at the cost of a SIM swap which will be carried by the SUBSCRIBER.
  3. ADVERTRON ISP will not be liable for any claim or be required to provide support for poor network performance due to the non-compliance.
  4. It is recorded that ADVERTRON ISP does not give or make any warranties, representations or guarantees whatsoever, whether implied or express, concerning the availability, reliability, accuracy and security of the Network Capacity or Network Coverage as the Fixed LTE Service, due to its technical nature, is a best-effort service.
  5. Data Validity
    1. Any unused monthly data shall be valid for two months;
    2. Top-up data will be valid for one month;
    3. Top-up data will be depleted first, followed by the monthly inclusive data allocation;
  6. Package Migration
    1. If a SUBSCRIBER, decides to migrate between packages, the migration shall take effect on the 1st of the next month from the date of the request;
    2. If a SUBSCRIBER purchased a TOP-UP package, the remaining data value will be carried over to the new package.
  7. SIM Swap and Fees
    1. The replacement of a new SIM shall cost R20.00. The delivery fee to replace the SIM shall cost the SUBSCRIBER R327.75;
      1. Fixed Delivery Charges
        1. 1st Delivery attempt – R327.75
        2. 1st Delivery attempt (urgent) – R517.50
        3. 2nd Delivery attempt – R442.75
        4. 3rd Delivery attempt – R684.25
  8. Cancelled Package Fees
    1. In respect of Packages yet to leave the Fulfillment Partner’s warehouse: if the Package is cancelled, the SUBSCRIBER shall be charged an R125.00 cancellation fee;
    2. In respect of in-transit Packages: if the Package is cancelled, this will be treated as a failed delivery and the SUBSCRIBER shall be charged R396.75 per package;
    3. In the event of a SUBSCRIBER not accepting a Package at the point of delivery: the Fulfillment Partner will return the package to the Fulfillment Partner’s warehouse and the SUBSCRIBER will be charged R396.75. The SUBSCRIBER will be required to place a new request if the SUBSCRIBER indicates that the Service is still required.
  9. CPA Cancellation Delivery Fees
    1. A SUBSCRIBER has the right to cancel the service within 5 (five) Business days after delivery, the SUBSCRIBER will be charged R373.75 accordingly per cancelled Package;
    2. Upon collection, the Fulfillment Partner will verify that all contents are enclosed with the original packaging and must be in a reasonable condition. The IMEI of the router must match the original Package number. If the above is not in the Package, the collection will not take place and the SUBSCRIBER will be billed R373.75;
    3. Should the Fulfillment Partner not be able to collect the Package after the 2nd (second) attempt, ADVERTRON ISP will invoice the SUBSCRIBER an additional fee of R442.75 as well as the fee of the respective router, if applicable.